For over a decade we’ve made our life in art, photography and the science of people in love – sitting around late at night with our friends in all corners of the world discussing big ideas, sharing wild experiences, and having honest conversations about how art and business collide. These have been the most raw and honest conversations you can imagine, and they’ve made us who we are.


Now we want to bring that experience of learning to a wider group of people and combine it with practical shooting clinics, principles of light and composition, discussions around business, longevity, and digging deep on how to grow and thrive as an artist.


In a lodge. On a volcano. In New Zealand.


We don’t want to turn you into us and we don’t want you to show up looking for simple answers. We want to give you the tools to explore and answer your own questions and follow your own path towards making the kind of work that only you can make, discovering story and light.






Let’s get straight to the point – this is not an entry level workshop. If you’re a wedding photographer who’s been in the game for 2 – 5 years and you’re feeling like you’ve hit the wall in both your work and your thinking then you’ll fit right in. We’ll be tackling wider questions and principles about art and commerce, longevity in the creative industries, and how to move your thinking beyond the wedding world. You’ll want to be stretched in your thinking, and pushed forward to get better in what will be an intense couple of days of finding your way forward.






We’ll spread our time evenly between four different learning approaches: two will be hands on shooting skills, and two will be thinking/absorbing/discussion based.


Skills Clinics:

We have a ‘tool-kit’ approach to teaching practical shooting skills, and there’ll be four skills clinic spread over the two days designed to show you how to make the most of certain kinds of light, how to understand the mechanics of what’s going on so you don’t need to ‘fluke it’ anymore, and how to bring those skills into your bag of tricks so they show up in your work immediately.


Live Shoots:

This is your chance to take charge, roam the incredible landscape, and shoot some very attractive people (supplied) in world-class light alongside one of our mentors. You’ll get to learn, watch other people do their thing, and turn it into practise. Sunrise at Tukino is the greatest spectacle on the planet, and sunset in the alpine desert environment has to be seen to be believed – we’ll be shooting two of each. Hold onto your hats.



Strong opinions, dissenting views and curve-balls are all welcome. This is the ‘thrashing out some big ideas’ part of the day that’s our favourite. It’s also the place where you the most likely to have your thinking challenged, to have your mind changed, or help change someone else’s. Think of it as part Q&A, part panel discussion, and part vino-fuelled problem-solving. Subjects will be wide-ranging and cover everything from environmental and economic sustainability, to pivoting your business model, to diversity and gender issues, to international work permits.



There’s no such thing as the wrong question, but sometimes there’s better questions to ask that can really move you forward. We’re all about discovering better questions and better answers than the ones we’re currently pursuing. We’ll be looking a a host of foundational ideas around inspiration, art, your growth trajectory (how fast you’re getting better at what you do), and some strategies to keep measuring that stuff.






Tukino Alpine Lodge is located on the Eastern side of Mt Ruapehu, accessed from the Desert Road in the Central Plateau – approximately 4.5 hours drive from Auckland and 4 hours drive from Wellington. The lodge is 4WD access only so you’ll be taken up the mountain by our transport crew. Details provided on registration.





We’ll be staying in a classic NZ mountain lodge sitting high on a volcanic ridge on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu, an active volcano. It’s cozy inside w a roaring fire, but it’s cold AF outside. The accomodation is in bunk rooms so bring a sleeping bag and pillow, thermals and a warm jacket, good footwear, warm socks and a beanie. Bring your laptop or preferred method of uploading and processing photos, camera gear, and also bring a favourite analog camera (35mm or medium format). Film and processing will be provided by some of our beautiful sponsors (Kodak and Atkins Lab – what a combo!), and don’t worry if you’ve never shot analog before or don’t have access to a film camera… there’ll be plenty of swapping of beautiful old machines and knowledge goin’ on.





Accommodation, all meals, drinks, Coffee Supreme filter coffee, your very own KeepCup to keep waste to a minimum (you can also drink wine out of them), and a host of other goodies. We’ll be on the mountain for the duration of the workshop so bring any necessities that you deem essential for personal survival.






Some guest mentors will be coming along to help us out – fine artists and renegade thinkers. They’ll be there to slip in alongside and answer your questions, to host small group shoots with us, and generally just cause artistic mayhem.



2020 dates to be announced 



$1900 NZD

16 places only



If you’d more info on upcoming workshop dates and locations email