About Us

Sophia & Simon

We started shooting together in Auckland, New Zealand back in 2009 with no idea what lay ahead, or even (to be honest) what we really wanted to do. All we knew was that we loved good music, adventure, and making images of fantastically interesting people. Fast forward a handful of years and we’ve been privileged to meet the most remarkable human beings all over the world who’ve opened their doors and let us into their lives to capture their most treasured moments – with many of them becoming our life-long friends in the process.

And that pretty much sums us up. A couple of photographers who’re hell bent on acquiring genuine images, real friends, lots of vinyl and are even open to smuggling wine over borders if required (and it’s often required).

Want to know more about us? Just ask. Although be warned, you may also get 20 new album recommendations and a recipe for slow-cooked pork tacos.

Soph & Si