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If you haven’t already picked up our vibe, we’re all about people – we’re all about you. So email us, Skype, meet up, whatever, and tell us what makes you tick. A paragraph is always better than a sentence, and knowing all about your plans and schemes is a really wonderful way to find out more about you and if we’re a good match.

Our schedule takes us all over the world so there’s a good chance we’ll be in your neck of the woods at some stage, but it also means we may be a couple of days replying if we’re on the road, so hang in there – it’ll be worth it.

Travel Plans

October 2018 | Sydney, Australia
April 2019 | Nice, France
July-Sept 2019 | USA


Workshops & Events

A Bit More Soul | 5-8 November 2018  | Wanaka, NZ
Way Up North | 2-3 April 2019  | Nice, France


Mentor sessions

One-on-One half-day sessions to help photographers ‘tune-up’ their creative philosophy, business practice, client management and their general approach to image making. Featuring portfolio review, hands-on shooting time and talking through established ideas and how they apply to your situation.