Jenna + Matt | Redhook, NY

Brooklyn sweethearts, Jenna & Matt, got their nearest and dearest together for a rehearsal dinner in the heart of Williamsburg at Brooklyn Winery – a boutique borough spot full of Brooklyn character, incredible food and the best times. Family spoke words of love, the party ramped up, and then we roamed the streets at sunset together. 

Next day, July 4, in Red Hook Jenna & Matt married in a heartfelt ceremony full of tears on the terrace of the Liberty Warehouse with clear views across to Manhattan and NYC’s first Lady of Liberty. Fast forward to the party of all parties with Jenna and Matt lettin’ their pro-dancer-meets-pro-wrestler magic shine. Add a solid dose of NYC fourth of July fireworks taking up the entire city-scape and you’ve got a wedding shindig that’s never gonna be topped.