Annie + Jason | Brooklyn, NY

Get ready for a lesson in NYC Romance 101.

Annie & Jason first met on the subway (an F-Train, to be exact) so on their wedding day (after meeting up on the front steps of their Brooklyn brownstone) they let their bridal party take the limo while they walked a few blocks through downtown Brooklyn (you’ve NEVER seen so many people shouting out ‘Congratulations’, women screaming ‘I LOVE your dress!’, trucks and buses honking, cars stopping…), and then caught that very same F-Train. Next thing, Jason’s flagging down a yellow cab and we’re smashing through the narrow streets in time to rendezvous in the abandoned back lanes of Redhook, where these guys tied the knot on an old wharf – Lady Liberty and a dusky sunset lighting up NYC behind them.

You just got schooled in big city love. Kickass.