Jules + Tom | New York, NY

New Zealand natives, now New York transplants, Jules & Tom loved the idea of eloping in their new city home on a whim, and pretty quickly their secret scheme turned into family flying halfway across the world from the Southern Hemisphere, crazy parties, careful plans, and walking the tender line between wild and well-prepared. The original Kiwi beach guy, Tom took to the subway with his board and a towel in search of waves on his wedding day, and deep in Rockaway we found them – at least three of them. First look on a Williamsburg rooftop with the East River and Manhattan in the background, and then loading everyone into cabs and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to NYC City Hall and standing in a wild queue with 100 other couples and their families/friends/children who were all getting married that afternoon. Pure, joyful, complete an cutter marriage madness – all crammed into an old stone lobby in downtown Manhattan. And then our group was ushered into a tiny chapel, a few magic words were said (including the phrase “by the Great State of New York…”) and Tom & Jules were married. Just like that. Foregoing the cab, we walked through the crowds of Canal St, grabbed a coffee and a cheeseburger enroute, and arrived to all of their friends going crazy celebrating in their honour on a Lower East Side rooftop bar. Total magic.