Southern Alps Aerials

Shooting in Queenstown over the last few weeks we had a little time on our hands so we sought out a willing pilot, breathtaking light and a tiny plane with removable windows. An hour later we were circling Mt Aspiring during the golden hour, soaking up a crazy mix of sharp ridges, deep shadows, bone numbing cold and ‘lean out the plane and hope for the best’ airborne magic.



QueenstownAerials_01 QueenstownAerials_21 QueenstownAerials_20 QueenstownAerials_19 QueenstownAerials_18 QueenstownAerials_17 QueenstownAerials_16 QueenstownAerials_15 QueenstownAerials_14 QueenstownAerials_13 QueenstownAerials_12 QueenstownAerials_11 QueenstownAerials_10 QueenstownAerials_09 QueenstownAerials_08 QueenstownAerials_07 QueenstownAerials_06 QueenstownAerials_05 QueenstownAerials_04 QueenstownAerials_03 QueenstownAerials_02