Laura + Tommy | Modena, Italy

The thing about Italy isn’t just the breathtaking light or the glorious landscape, but it’s how a wild & wonderful Italian extended family will open their hearts to you and have you at their table eating, drinking, laughing and practising Italian and then let you capture the most intimate personal moments on one of their biggest days. And then let you drive at breakneck speeds through the cornfields in a rental car (in reverse) next to their house, in the countryside near Modena, just before they got married. At least that’s how things went down for fellow photographers Laura and Tommy on the day of their intimate backyard wedding. They spent the morning transforming their family courtyard into an outdoor wedding paradise, got ready together in their own room, and then appeared (to the absolute delight of friends and family) walking up the make-shift aisle in the middle of the Modena countryside that they both adore. This was EVERYTHING you could ever dream about getting married in Italy: incredible food and wine, carefree joyfulness spilling over at every turn, love and intimacy and family and friends all crammed into one space at long tables under the stars, and all finished off with cigars and guitars.